Boys don’t cry – Fiona Scarlett

An un-put-downable story of love, loyalty and breaking free of the ties of place, circumstance and expectations.

Brothers Joe and Finn live on a tough estate, where their violent father is caught up in crime.  Joe, a gifted artist,  has a lifeline out in the form of his place at a ‘good’ school, but this is thrown into jeopardy when Finn becomes ill.  Will grief and anger meant that Joe inevitably follows in his father’s footsteps?…

Joe and Finn are instantly likeable and very believeable, and both supported by strong female friends.  Despite it’s tough themes – drug-related crime, and childhood illness – this is a story filled with love.    While the end isn’t a complete shock, what is surprising is how much you care about every character, even the apparent ‘villains’ of the piece. Be ready with a hanky

Boys don't cry