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Beneath the waters of Tobermory Bay and only a stones throw from Tackle and Books lies £30 million in GOLD (or so they say)! This gold is a treasure contained in the remains of a Spanish galleon sunk in 1588 by members of the Clan MacLean.

Over the years many attempts have been made to find the treasure. This new search started with an edge. The very latest in high tech equipment was used to establish the exact site of the galleon. Not an easy task as the wreck lies beneath five metres of mud. The quest has found a few artifacts. A stone cannon ball and bits of rope and timber were recovered. Perhaps next time there’ll be more?

The wreck and its treasure were granted to the Duke of Argyll and his descendents. The 13th duke, is very much hoping that a substantial portion of the wreck can be found and recovered. This would be of major historical interest - to say nothing of finding some doubloons!!!!!