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Silent, Odourless, 24-hour Protection against Biting Midges


I’ve seen all the press, but how does a Midge Magnet work?

By mimicking the human breath. a Midge Magnet produces a warm, moist plume of carbon dioxide from propane gas. This is hugely effective in attracting biting insects (Midge Magnets are made in the USA and called Mosquito Magnet).  A Midge Magnet uses a propane gas cylinder and is manufactured to give all-weather performance. Added attractant can be used to enhance the catch. As the midges approach the trap they are vacuumed into a net where they dehydrate.

Is it possible to reduce dramatically the Midge population around my house or business property?

Yes! In 4 to 6 weeks you can dramatically reduce the breeding population of midge. Most of your biting midges live around your home. A relatively small percentage are brought in by the wind.

The midge magnet sounds like a good idea but what about other midge control?

The Midge Magnet is a far better approach than pesticides. The Midge Magnet only affects the midges around your property. Plenty are left further afield to maintain a balanced environment.

I want to be rid of midges but don’t want to harm other beneficial insects.

Midge Magnets only target biting insects. Butterflies, bees and moths are not harmed (only female midges bite, the males are still there for birds to feed on).



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Midge Machine are successful

on Mull but they do need to be managed with regular emptying and annual maintenance. A great product.


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